The Three-Day Gameplan

Since the first official event in Miami in 2010, single day WordCamps were the norm. Held on Saturdays – start early, long day, and by 6pm sessions ended and you were heading to happy hour. This year we are going for THREE days. Yep, that’s right. Three days. But as huge as that might sound, it’s also a fact that each day is different and many WordCamp attendees most likely won’t be going to all three.

Multi-day events like WordCamp as you can imagine are significantly more complex to plan. It takes a lot of hard work and volunteers to pull it off. One of the reasons why we are going for it this year is because of the increase in attendance in the past two years (250 in 2010, 360 in 2011 – both sold out) and we now have a better volunteer structure to help support running a multi-day event.

So what’s our gameplan? Read below and offer your feedback:

Friday – This day is priamrily dedicated to WordPress newbies with little or no experience w/ WordPress and will contain workshops with near one-on-one training and help getting started with WordPress. We will have dedicated instructors and a “course” laid out for the day. Although it will be a shorter day, it will be packed with information. The goal here is get newbies ready for Saturday.

Saturday – The big day. The main event. If you have been to a past one-day WordCamp, then you know the drill. A variety of topics over three tracks (we will announce those tracks soon). Lunch will be provided. There will be t-shirts. There will be an after-party. New to WordCamp Miami though – we will have a Knowledge Bar (sometimes called a Happiness Bar). Very proud of that – we are now in there with the big boys (of WordCamps).

Sunday – Winding down WordCamp Miami, we are working out the details on what happens on this day. Depending on certain factors, we might have a developers BBQ lunch and/or a general unconference session. Since Monday is a US Holiday, we can still take the time to hang out on Sunday before everyone has to go home or hop on a plane.

What you think? What would you like to see at WordCamp Miami 2012?

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